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Why Pure Mustard Oil Good for Your Health?

Mustard, an annual in the cabbage family, produces tiny black seeds with a pungent quality. The black mustard plant is native to southern Europe, while the brown mustard plant originated in Asia. Mustard seed oil is used for cooking in some cuisines, notably Indian, and offers a variety of health benefits, including potential cholesterol-lowering effects.

Keep Your Hearth Healthy With Mustard Oil:

There are unique ingredients in the Indian kitchen that cannot be replaced anytime soon; one of them is mustard oil. Mustard oil is also known as sarso oil. No doubt it takes some time to familiarise yourself with the pungency, and once you pass it, you will learn how to appreciate this oil’s benefits and unique flavour.Especially in the northern and eastern parts of India, mustard oil is addictive, and it is hard to even imagine life without a bottle of mustard oil in the kitchen. It is believed that mustard oil has fantastic properties and is used to treat colds, encourage hair growth, boost immunity and provide nourishment to the skin, especially in the case of infants who are massaged with mustard oil regularly during the cold months. Mustard oil also has benefits for oral health.

Benefits of sarso ka Tel

Before you understand the benefits of this miracle oil, you need to know how it is extracted. This one is removed from the mustard seeds and is reddish brown. Cooking oils have been an integral part of Indian households for a long time now, and mustard oil stands out in the crowd because it is one of the best oil for deep frying. This oil has unique benefits, and you can come across them below.

Excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids

It is an extraordinary source of monounsaturated fatty acids. It is because the body does need the oils in 3:1 proportion – 3 (polyunsaturated fatty acids) & 1 (saturated fatty acid ). The monounsaturated fatty acids are extracted from the polyunsaturated. It's great for our hearts and helps light the skin, besides helping your hair grow. The best part about mustard oil is that it prevents premature greying of your hair.

Promotes your heart health

Mustard oil helps you to make the most of your heart health, and you should not think twice before adding it to your diet. Being a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids, it lowers your body's harmful cholesterol levels and keeps a tab on the fat blood levels besides blood circulation. Furthermore, you need to know that the oil is rich in alpha-linolenic acid, which is associated with a risk of heart disease compared to sunflower oil.

Mustard oil can help you treat your cracked heel and brittle nails.

Experts say that cracked heels are one of the most bothersome issues people go through during monsoons and winter. All you need to do is use the waste candles and bid goodbye to your cracked heels. It would be best if you created the mixture by heating the candle wax with mustard oil to become a thick mixture. You have to fill the cracked heels with the mixture and sleep with the cotton socks to ensure that your heels feel smooth.

For the nails, Pure Mustard oil is said to be a better version compared to almond and coconut oil. This is because Mustard oil has the advantage of powering the lubrication on the nail beds. This can get absorbed super quickly to give further nourishment to the nails.

Stay protected against infection.

Mustard oil has all the antifungal and antiviral properties which can be used internally and externally to help fight against infections like digestive tract infections.

Improve your blood circulation

You can easily improve your blood circulation provided you massage your body every day with mustard oil. You can also improve your skin texture, not just blood circulation because massage with mustard oil will release the muscular tension in your body and your sweat glands will be activated. In short, this massage will help you out all the toxins from your body because mustard oil works like a natural cleanser.

Great for Your Skin

Mustard oil for the face works well because it is loaded with vitamin e and is an essential nutrient for your skin. Additionally, when applied to your skin, it helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. You can say that mustard oil works like sunscreen. Generally, babies or infants are massaged with mustard oil in India. it is because experts recommend using mustard oil as it is good for the skin. Too much mustard oil can prove to be harmful and also lead to irritation.

Mustard oil has great benefits, but if you have oily skin, you should avoid messaging mustard oil on your face or body if you have sensitive skin. Furthermore, experts claim that mustard oil can also be used to remove dark spots. besides using pure mustard oil you can add a blend of coconut oil that will help you improve your skin tone to a great extent.


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