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Best Cooking Oil to Add to Your Diet for Healthy Lifestyle

Mustard oil is one of the best oil for frying. This Sarso oil has been here for several years now. The oil is a rich source of monosaturated fatty acids and anti-inflammatory elements. It also features Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, besides having powerful antioxidants and essential minerals that benefit our health. The potential benefits of using the oil include protecting against cardiovascular diseases relieving colds and coughs, and addressing all skin issues.

Best Oil For Health – Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is also known as kachchi Ghani, which is one of the essential elements of Indian cuisine. It was cultivated in our country in 3000 BC and is widely used in different countries. Besides its widespread use in cooking, mustard oil also holds a significant position in the medical system of Ayurveda for its anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Mustard oil is one of the most common ingredients found in different Indian cuisines because it provides a great spicy flavour to any meal, besides being used as a staple ingredient for basic cooking to an essential element to enhance the shelf-life of Pickles.
Grinding mustard seeds to make mustard oil for cooking is essential; you must combine it with water and other liquids.
Mustard oil contains at least 60% of monounsaturated fatty acids, per cent of saturated fats, and 21% polyunsaturated acids. The best part about using mustard oil is that it is a perfect combination of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. It also has low saturated fats which makes it a perfect oil for deep frying. It means that you can enjoy fried foods without wondering what will be the side effect of this oil on your body unlike other oils present on the market. Above all, you can say that this oil is not only nutritious but also healthy.

Benefits of Mustard Oil

Although we are all aware of the fact that Mustard oil is excellent for health, here are the most effective benefits:

Promotes your hair and skin health

Mustard oil can optimize healthy skin and hair when it is applied topically. The sarso oil for hair can help you optimize your hair. You can mix and apply it with wax so that you can also heal your cracked heels. Some of the most available evidence regarding the topical advantages of the oil is entirely anecdotal despite several reports on the improvement of wrinkles, fine lines, and hair growth.

You should avoid using mustard oil on the face if you have sensitive skin. this oil will do wonders for your skin undoubtedly so you should not think twice before adding it to your skincare regime. Vitamin b, calcium protein, and vitamin e are loaded in mustard oil, decreasing wrinkles and small folds. Additionally, it promotes a lightning body tan. The antibacterial elements in the oil prevent pimples from developing and maintain cleanliness and brightness throughout your skin.

Mustard oil defends you against infections

Mustard oil has anti-inflammatory effects besides antibacterial antifungal and antiviral properties. The mustard oil fights against infections in different ways, externally and internally, like digestive tract infections. Switch to healthy and balanced life by using Sarso ka tel in your diet.

Mustard oil also works as a great stimulant

Mustard oil works as a great stimulant. Intake of the oil stimulates your liver and releases active digestive juices, improving the digestive system and human appetite. The oil will stimulate your blood circulation and sweat glands by enlarging the skin pores through sweat, so you have to massage mustard oil on your body.

Helps in reducing cancer risk

Mustard oil has other cancer-fighting properties because it has a presence of linolenic acids. Experts say that fatty acid helps in reducing the risk of stomach cancer.

Improves your blood circulation

As per Ayurveda, body massage from mustard oil helps improve blood flow and skin texture and releases tension. It activates your sweat glands, allowing the body to eliminate the toxins. you can expect a cleansing effect naturally. It is because mustard oil has some elements that will activate your sweat gland naturally.

Easily deal with asthma

Mustard oil has been a natural remedy for asthma or sinusitis for a long time. Massaging your chest with mustard oil during the attack will improve the airflow to your lungs and also allows easy breathing. You can consume one teaspoon of mustard oil with sugar or honey daily, which will benefit you in the long run.

Improve your dental health

Microorganisms are mainly enclosed in fatty layers that lead to plaque development. You can reduce the gum’s bleeding by gargling mustard oil around the mouth to extract the fat-soluble germs. Switch to this “Dadi maa ka nuskha” to make your teeth stronger.

Stimulate your sweat glands

One of the most common bodily functions includes sweating and it helps you get rid of all the toxic emissions from your body, like extra what are acids and lipids. It is the only reason mustard oil makes your body sweat greatly.

Improves the red blood cell count

All the fats essential for your body, including elements of lipid cells, blood cells, and muscle cells, come from mustard oil.


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