About Sonali mustard oil

Get the goodness of nature with every bite your savor. Traditionally extracted from the first press of mustard seeds, comes with a high strong flavor and strong aroma. Its strong aroma and strong flavor spice up your cooking. Sonali mustard oil lock a unique technology that seals and preserves the rich taste and fragrance of the real mustard seeds, taking your heavenly to the most highest level of taste. Experience pure mustard oil flavor with the food you cook.

Useful properties of Mustard

Meant for great cooking

In the kitchen, use Sonali mustard oil for frying, as a flavoring.

Made from finest kachi ghani mustard seeds

Sonali mustard oil range takes into account observing consumers with a guarantee that healthy food need not bargain with taste. Traditionally extracted from the first press of mustard seeds, this oil carries a unique strong flavor and packs an array of health benefits. In mustard, the chemicals are so strong they can harm the plant itself, which is the reason they are judiciously kept in a condition where they don’t become active unless crushed and moistened. These impactful chemicals are unpredictable however, which is the reason they generally disappear on heating, and furthermore after some time. When you prepare any recipe using mustard oil, the usage of the oil is simple and easy.

Keeps pickles fresh for longer

Besides cooking, Sonali mustard oil can even be used in preparing a variety of pickles to keep your favorite pickles fresh for longer time. For a huge number of years, cold pressed Mustard Oil has been utilized for pickling because of the fact that it is a natural preservative. Indeed, the motivation behind why pickles don’t turn sour after many months is on the grounds that the fruits and vegetables are preserved by the Mustard Oil. In ancient times pickling was utilized as a technique for preserving fruits and vegetables so that they could be devoured later, during the brutal cold weather months when these fruits and vegetables became scant.

Our Story

Sonali mustard oil range takes into account observing consumers with a guarantee that healthy food need not bargain with taste. Its strong aroma can shift contingent upon which seeds are utilized. It is the brown seeds, Brassica juncea, which are generally utilized for oil and which have the specific flavor ofpure mustard oil. The most ideal route at that point to utilize mustard oil is to discover a brand, in a perfect world from a ghani, with a strong flavor you like, and then stick to it.

Mustard Oil has ground-breaking anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This forestalls the arrangement of any mould or bacterial growth in the pickles. As a rule, food is spoilt by the development of fungus, bacteria and harmful microorganisms. On account of pickles, the Mustard Oil forestalls this sort of contamination and keeps your pickles fresh and eatable consistently. Mustard Oil additionally gives pickles the ability to animate the hunger and calm the gastrointestinal tract, making Achaar a healthy and gainful backup for your suppers.