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Grow and expand your Business with Sonali mustard oil. Based on distribution channels the mustard oil market is sectioned as online retail, supermarkets, and departmental stores. Among these, online retailing is relied upon to hold major shares in the market over the estimated period. Mustard oil has a broad interest in northern and north-eastern States. Mustard oil completely satisfies the family needs without requirement for import non-existent.

Mustard oil is viscous, dark and exceptionally sharp. Twofold refinement technique lessens its consistency, makes it clear and decreases its sharpness. Along these lines, it tends to be made accessible in at least two variations with various attributes of color, consistency and strong. Further creation it accessible in appealing bottles, tetra-packs and jars of various sizes will bring various requirements of the individuals. This will draw interests of the buyers towards the item.

You need numerous sorts of licenses and certification prior to beginning this business since you can sell your oil in the market simply in the wake of getting the license and certification.

Financial capacity

Because of the popularity of mustard oil, Sonali mustard oil is in high demand in most parts of the country.


Market reputation

This is one of the excellent mustard oil which brags high quality product.


Prior Experience

With its experience in the mustard oil industry, it provides to it consumers the natural goodness of finely pressed mustard seeds.


Market knowledge

On the basis of regions, mustard oil has market demand is higher in northern and eastern India.



Have an immense operational structure with online selling platform and many distributors.



We use the latest machines to produce mustard oil.

Channel Partner Benefits

High Profit Margin

Be a distributor & gain high profit margin!

High Quality Products

Sonali mustard oil provides the finest mustard oil packed in standard bottles and so on.

Lower Inventory Risk

With Sonali mustard oil you have the chance to lower the inventory risk.

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